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Domain flipping: How to start?

Domain flipping explained

Domain flipping is an exciting kind of business. The goal is the high profit coming from selling a domain. Yet, that is possible when you have made the purchase at a low price. In order to benefit from great deals, you should be able to determine which domains are going to be potentially interesting for the buyers. You have to consider which particular clients would be engaged in buying these domains and give a high-value offer.

Moreover, new domain extensions are frequently released, and the number of available attractive domains is increasing rapidly. That is why the business with domain flipping has such a boost. It is an opportunity for many people to make it a side job. However, others take it to another level and make it their main source of income. Therefore, if you are interested and you want to try it, you can make extra money from it. Let’s explain a little bit more.

What are the steps?

1. Strategy is essential

The first thing you should consider before implementing it is your strategy. For example, how much do you want to be involved? Do you want this to be your main source of income or maybe just a side job? And of course, what amount are you ready to invest? After that, you can choose which way to go. Perhaps you would prefer to purchase a number of cheap domains and make small profits. Or you desire to buy several domains that are a lot more attractive but at a higher price. Yet, they could be more expensive in the future.

2. Potential domains

There are a lot of potential opportunities when it comes to purchasing a domain name. Therefore, it is essential to pick the ones with possible future interest. Of course, popular keywords and catchy phrases are the answer here. However, if you have basic SEO knowledge, it will help you recognize the profitable ones. Additionally, you can use a tool to serve you find such domains. Another way to purchase a domain at a reasonable price is to check the domain auctions. Things that you should always think about are brand-ability, memorability, length, and searchability.

3. Act fast 

If you discover one or more opportunities that seem ultimately profitable, purchase them through a registrar. But, don’t forget that a lot of individuals are in the market. So, don’t lose time and let others purchase and register them first.

If the domain you want is available online, you can move to register it. In case it is now in use, you can purchase it from the owner. Just give a fair offer.

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4. Present your domains 

The world should know about the existence of your domains. Look for clients and promote on the site by attaching your contact details. You can present it directly to possible clients or in forums, social networks, and auction sites.

5. Patience

Domain flipping is a process, which requires you to be patient and calm. Of course, you can achieve a deal quickly, yet, that may not happen every day. If you want faster profits, the auction sites are your place.

6. Resell

This is probably the most important step. Once you have a client that appears with a suitable offer, you only have to transfer the domain ownership and finish the domain flipping process.

​Best places to buy “.gr” domain name

​Why get a “.gr” domain name?

Are you planning to step on the Greek market? Greece is a beautiful country in Europe, and it could be an entrance to the whole European Economic Area. So it is a great country to have a business in.

When you are planning a business in the European Union, you can go for a traditional “.com” domain name, but it won’t show your visitors any additional information, and it could be hard to find an available name.

With the “.eu” domain name, it could be a bit easier. It will indicate a broader market (European Union), but still, it will show that the company belongs to that market. Still, it might be too broad for you.

The “.gr” domain name will be perfect if you are focusing precisely on this country. It will show your visitors that the company’s main market is exactly Greece.

​Where to get a “.gr” domain name?

​1. ClouDNS

With ClouDNS you can easily find the right domain name for your company. It has a “.gr” domain name, and the price is set to 25.80 euros (30.45 USD) for 1 year and the same renewal price. The minimum period for registration of the “.gr” domain on this site is 2 years.

ClouDNS is a great choice because it also offers DNS services, so you can significantly improve your domain’s availability. There is a free DNS plan for starters and a lot of premium paid options too.

There is also a free domain parking option.

​2. Easy

Easy is one Greek domain register. What you will find here is a great price – 13 euros* (*before VAT) for new registration of a domain name and 19 euros* (*before VAT) for a renewal.

It offers a great variety of TLDs, so even if you could not find the right “.gr” one, you can go for “.com.gr”, “.net.gr”, or even “.ελ”.

What could be a bit frustrating is that the site often changes to the Greek language, and if you are not a Greek native, it could be a bit hard for you.

The site offers hosting too, so if you want your website to be hosted there, it could be a good combination of services.

​3. 101domain

On 101domain, you can also find а “.gr” domain name. You can register one for 15.25 euros per year (17.99 USD) with a minimum period of 2 years and 38.15 USD for renewal. The company is registered in Ireland, but it also has an office in the USA. So, if you are an American citizen, you can call a local customer support and get all the information you need in our language. As you can expect, here you can find web hosting services and TLS certificates too.

​4. Netim

Netim is another easy-to-use site for domain registration. You can get “.gr” name from 14 euros (VAT is not included) a month with a minimum period of 2 years. There is also an ownership fee of 24 euros. The renewal price is set at 14 (VAT is not included). It is a French company, so if you are a French-speaking person, you can find help a lot easier with this company. The company has more than 15 years of experience already.

Apart from the domain names, Natim offers web hosting and TLS certificates.

Best web hosting companies in Greece


Get your “.gr” domain name from one of these well-known registrars. They are all trustworthy and have been in the business for a long time.

Start your Greek adventure now!