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Email Forwarding service explained.

There is a way to automatically redirect all the emails that are going to a particular mailbox easily and fast called Email Forwarding. Now you are going to learn more about it. How does it work, and how helpful can it be?

​Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is a feature that many DNS providers offer that serves to redirect the traffic from one email address to another on a domain level (without the need for a particular software).

It is different from an email client that resends an email after it was received in someone’s inbox, nor is the email forwarding feature of Outlook or Gmail.

If you are managing the domain name, you can redirect the incoming emails from any of the email addresses that use the particular domain name and send them to a single email address.

​Why use email forwarding?

  • Redirect traffic from an email from your domain that you don’t control to another that you do. For example, imagine you had an employee who left the company, but people are still trying to reach him or her on that email, and you don’t have the password. Now you can redirect the traffic and receive it in another inbox.
  • Combine the email traffic from various email inboxes into a single one. That way, you can get all of the emails in a single place and manage everything more accessible. For example, it could be handy if you have multiple businesses and you want to see all the emails in one inbox.
  • Email forwarding is not connected to any software. So you can use the application that you like without any problems. The email forwarding will still work.

​Where can I get email forwarding?

You need to check DNS service providers for this feature. It is often part of their paid plans, and it has some quotas, but in rare cases, you can find limited email forwarding inside the free DNS plans.

You can consider one of the following providers:


ClouDNS has a different amount of email forwarding depending on the plan you are checking. It starts at 50 on the economic Premium S plan ($2.95 per month) and goes up to 1000 for the Premium L plan ($14.95 per month). You can get an unlimited amount and a tailored plan for your needs.

There is also a free DNS plan with a single email forwarding.


Another DNS provider with email forwarding, but with a different billing policy, is DNSimple. It offers email forwarding in each plan, but it is an additional feature. For example, in the Personal plan ($6 per month), the cost for 1000 forwarded messages cost an extra $2 per month. If you go for the Professional plan ($30 per month), for an extra $2, you will get 10000 messages. Or you can go for the Business plan ($300 per month), and for an extra $2, you will have unlimited forwarding.


ImprovMX is a company that is focused just on email forwarding and nothing else. It has a free plan covering one domain name and 25 aliases, and you can only receive emails. The next step is a $9 per month plan called Premium. It includes up to 100 domains and up to 100 aliases. You can send up to 200 emails per day. The last plan it offers is called Business and costs $49 per month. It includes up to 1000 domains, and you can send up to 2000 emails per day. With this one, you will get excellent customer support and even While-label MX records.

If you want to learn more about MX record, check out the following page about 5 most commonly used DNS records.